Berklee NYC has transformed Power Station studios, incorporating cutting-edge technology while preserving the facility's historic temples of sound in all of their original acoustic and aesthetic glory. We offer a one-year master’s degree program with three distinct specializations, world-class musical programming, and music video capture, including 360-degree cinematic virtual reality with immersive audio.

Working with partners spanning the music, theater, television, film, and media industries; after-school programs; the Mayor’s Office for Media and Entertainment; the New York City Department of Education; and fellow nonprofits, colleges, and universities, we seek to build a rich and vibrant community to nurture talent, elevate our community, and better our world. 

I invite you to learn more, get involved, and experience the magic of our students, faculty, staff, professional clients, and the broader community.

Stephen Webber, executive director, Berklee NYC, and dean of strategic initiatives

Stephen Webber stand in front of NEVE recording console in the Studio A Control Room at Power Station

Executive Director

Stephen Webber

Stephen Webber is an Emmy-winning composer, musician, author, speaker, producer/engineer, and a leading innovator in music and the performing arts.

Webber founded the Music Production, Technology, and Innovation master's program at Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain.

In New York, he raised over $30 million and spearheaded the effort to create the public-private-nonprofit partnership to save Power Station studios and create Berklee NYC.

Webber also serves as Berklee’s dean of strategic initiatives, working collaboratively on domestic and international projects, including in Los Angeles and China.

The Institution

Berklee College of Music

Berklee is the preeminent institute of contemporary music and the performing arts, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs at its campuses in Boston, New York City, and Valencia, Spain, and through its award-winning distance learning program, Berklee Online.