Admission Interviews

The interview experience is an integral part of the selection process. It is designed to highlight your strengths and help us assess your aptitude and ability to succeed at Berklee.

Interviews are required for entry into all of our graduate programs.

Interview Process Next Steps

Interviews are based on an initial assessment of your application and are invite-only at this stage of the admissions process. It will focus on your suitability for the program, what you’ll contribute as a member of the Berklee community, and how the program will help you realize your career objectives.

Berklee NYC uses the Kira Talent portal for a more tailored and holistic interview experience that you can move through at your own pace.

Following this step—if you are selected to advance in the process—you will be invited to interview in real time.

Interview Questions Areas

The interviewer will use the information provided on your application as the foundation for this discussion. Depending on the specialization you’re applying to, you may be asked technical or field-based questions. Come prepared to highlight your strengths and share your creative aspirations.

There are four primary areas of discussion in the interview:

1. Level of Preparation
In addition to discussing your ability to meet the rigors of our curriculum, we will consider your understanding of Berklee's history, mission, and inclusive approach to music. Keys to that approach include self-discipline, empathy, and the openness and curiosity essential to creativity.

2. Career Goals
Why have you chosen music as the primary focus of your graduate education? What outcomes are expected as a result of your attending Berklee? Do you have a clear idea of your career goals beyond a master’s degree?

3. Why Berklee?
In researching your options for pursuing a music education, what aspects of the Berklee model are most appealing to you? What motivated you to apply to this graduate program?

4. What Will You Bring?
What can you contribute to the Berklee community that will improve the quality of the experience for others in the program?

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