Berklee NYC’s Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology program offers a forward-looking curriculum designed to teach students the tools and strategies needed to thrive in artistic fields that have seen significant disruption, and will continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace.

The core curriculum of this program provides students with foundational knowledge for their careers that address both the business and creative sides of the performing arts.

The songwriting and production specialization will explore an integrated approach to the creation of popular music through the thorough examination of current practices in collaborative, technology-aided songwriting and record production.

View into a classroom on the Berklee NYC campus

Our Focus

Collaboration and Technology

Songwriting is increasingly a collaborative activity. The concept of cowriting has been an accepted method of sparking creativity for years, and production teams and songwriting camps are a fixture for efficient and prolific creative output. Building on these practices, the Berklee NYC curriculum places students in a variety of collaborative situations in order to inspire new ideas and perspectives.

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Our Curriculum

New Approaches

Songs and songwriting are ever-evolving. From the Tin Pan Alley writers of the ’20s to the Brill Building (blocks from Berklee NYC) to current writers such as Billie Eilish and Finneas, Max Martin, James Fauntleroy, Erika Ender, and Ester Dean, songwriters have used both time-tested tools and new strategies to write music and lyrics. In addition to reinforcing foundational skills, the curriculum embraces new approaches to collaboration and workflow that increase efficiency and creativity.

Person playing guitar on stage

Applying What You Learn

Practical Experience

Whether through apprenticeship, mentorship, or practicums, synthesizing information and integrating knowledge through experience are key to attaining mastery of any discipline. Students in this program will be guided and challenged to elevate their artistic vision, technical facility, and creative expression through performance opportunities and the constant practical application of their work.

Who We Are Looking For

We seek a varied group of motivated, creative and focused candidates with solid academic and professional backgrounds who can contribute a diversity of experience, insight, and skills that will benefit and elevate the program.

Ideal candidates want to:

  • gain deep experience in the elements of modern songwriting and production;
  • integrate collaborative skills into their existing creative toolkit;
  • develop their creative voices and artistic personas; and
  • influence and lead the industry into the future as visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Ideal candidates should demonstrate:

  • current creative activity;
  • excellent songwriting potential;
  • prior academic success;
  • an embrace of current practices and trends in music and technology; and
  • motivation and focus towards advancing their artistry and career.

Apply Now

  • Culminating Experience

    Students will ideate, develop, and complete a culminating experience or thesis project that is uniquely theirs.

  • Graduate Internship

    You have the option of spending a fourth semester completing an internship course.

  • Paying for your Degree

    All applicants are eligible for aid and merit-based scholarships. You can also earn money working as a graduate assistant.

Program Details