Graduate Internship

Optional Fourth Semester Internships

Berklee NYC students have the option to pursue a fourth-semester internship for credit after completing their three-semester program. Internships allow you to apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to a professional setting. These opportunities are the perfect way to use the concepts you learn from your major to earn experience along with academic credit and/or compensation. 

The internship must be approved by the Career Center and must provide a learning experience that enables the student to meet academic and/or career goals. Through the internship, students apply theories learned in their graduate studies and explore aspects of the music, entertainment, and other industries as appropriate.

This course, GS 595, provides students an opportunity to integrate professional and academic experience through internships. 


  • Students are responsible for securing their own internships.
  • The internship must be secured prior to fall registration.
  • Students must complete approximately 100–300 hours during the internship.
  • International students in F-1 status must participate in CPT and obtain authorization on their Form I-20 from an international student advisor prior to beginning an internship.

Please check Berklee's Career Center Internship Page to find our FAQs