Culminating Experience

As part of the one-year Songwriting and Production specialization, you will create an original body of work designed to elevate your artistic output to a professional standard. Throughout the year, you will learn how to apply modern writing and production techniques in both solo and collaborative settings. In addition, you will also develop the visual assets and marketing strategies necessary to position yourself successfully in the industry. This body of songs and supporting assets will be presented and defended in the third semester.


Semester One

You will develop a robust portfolio of new songs and productions, and your unique artistic voice. Scholars will develop close collaborative relationships and receive constant feedback on new work. By the end of semester one, students will submit their CE proposal and song portfolio.

Semester Two

Scholars will choose their top songs written in semester one and continue to revise and refine the songs and productions based on feedback. Scholars will pick a Culminating Experience advisor and further establish the thematic elements and identity of their Culminating Experience. By the end of the semester, scholars will finalize competitive producer’s mixes and a clear plan on how they will present their work.

Semester Three

Scholars will complete the final masters of their songs and compile assets. The final body of work will be shared with the public on and off campus while preparations are made for the final defense. Scholars will defend their body of work to a panel of music industry professionals. Masters will leave the program with a competitive body of work representing their evolution as a songwriter and producer at Berklee NYC.