Health and Wellness

Berklee NYC is committed to fostering a holistic approach to the well-being of its students and staff, offering counseling services, One Medical, wellness workshops, and yoga classes. Health and Wellness at Berklee NYC encompasses various services, resources, and programs to help empower individuals to prioritize their physical and mental health. 

Whether through individual counseling or group activities, Berklee NYC ensures that its community members have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive both academically and personally. 

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Counseling Services


 Berklee NYC campus, Annex theater, second floor

Counseling services provide a range of mental health services, including goal-focused counseling, group counseling, and community mental health education.

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Yoga classes

Location: Berklee NYC campus, Lighthouse, room 314, third floor

This specialized practice combines yoga techniques with the unique needs of musicians. Work with yoga instructor and musician, Christopher Stanley, to improve posture, flexibility, and mental focus, helping musicians prevent injuries and enhance their performance.

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One Medical

We want to foster a lifelong ethic of care so that students may thrive during and after their time at Berklee NYC. That is why we are offering One Medical(Opens in a new window), a high-quality, patient-centered primary care health service platform.

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A free year subscription to the mindfulness app "Headspace" is available to Berklee NYC students to support their overall health and well-being. Please note, this offering is only available to currently enrolled students.


For more information on health and wellness resources, please contact

Note that direct medical care is not available on campus, but yoga and Counseling Services are offered on campus.

Students, faculty, and staff experiencing a medical emergency should either call Public Safety at 617-747-8888 (extension 8888 if on campus) or 911 from any location.

For information about sexual-assault exams, please go to the "Where can I get a sexual assault exam?" drop-down.