Counseling Services at Berklee NYC

Counseling Services

Ariel Wallins Therapy Group - AWTG is Berklee NYC’s externally contracted licensed provider and private practice group.

Individual Sessions

Offering individual sessions both in person and virtually, students are allotted six sessions of care covered by Berklee NYC. Individual counseling sessions, both on and off campus, are available to address the diverse needs of Berklee NYC students, providing personalized guidance and support for their mental and emotional well-being. They do not serve in an on-call capacity for non-clients.

Group Sessions

Berklee NYC offers counseling group sessions on campus to provide students with a supportive and empathetic environment to discuss common challenges, share experiences, and learn valuable coping strategies. These group sessions cover a variety of topics, including stress management, mindfulness, and personal growth. They create a sense of belonging and connection among students, fostering a community that values and prioritizes mental well-being. They are an integral part of Berklee NYC's comprehensive approach to holistic student support.

For more information on mental health services and for scheduling requests, please email

Telus Health

Berklee NYC students receive access to Telus Health (Student Support Program), a free service offered to all current Berklee students. Through the Telus Health app, you can connect with a counselor to help you navigate any number of issues: adapting to a new culture; being successful at school; managing relationships with family and friends; handling stress, worry, sadness, and loneliness; and more.

It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so even if you are studying remotely from across the globe, we’ve got you covered. With service in more than 350 languages and a strong understanding of how cultural differences can impact the student experience, Telus Health will connect you with someone who understands the problems you’re facing. And your information is confidential, so no one will ever know you used the free program unless you choose to tell them.

Download My SSP via the Apple App Store or Google Play and watch this short video or visit the Telus Health FAQ page for more information about the service. Still have questions? Contact us at, and we’ll get back to you.

If you have questions about health and wellness support at Berklee NYC, please contact