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Jamie Dominguez has spent nearly 25 years guiding and supporting music creators and future executives so they can navigate a complex industry and keep art thriving. Born in Chicago and raised in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in a home immersed in music, which quickly became an indelible part of her life.

Dominguez has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Texas, which allowed her to work jobs in radio and entertainment PR throughout college. While attending the SXSW Music Festival, she met an executive from SESAC, a U.S. performing rights organization, who offered her a job as his assistant. She accepted and moved to New York City in August 2001. Over the next 19 years, she grew within the organization, identifying, curating, and nurturing their extensive roster of songwriters and artists. As senior director of creative services, she led the New York–based creative services team in supporting and creating opportunities for SESAC-affiliated songwriters and publishers. She has also been instrumental in the curation of songwriting camps, music festival showcases, and other events in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Reflecting on her career, Dominguez views her role as that of a “creative sherpa” who provides mentorship that combines art and business. As a member of the Berklee NYC faculty, she hopes to shape the future of our music community by encouraging fair and equitable business practices while continuing to to live and breathe the creative energy of New York City.

Career Highlights
  • Member of the Recording Academy Board of Governors (New York Chapter), the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Board, and the Songwriters Hall of Fame Education Special Projects Committee
  • B.A., University of Texas at Austin
In Their Own Words

"I want to share with my students real-life experiences and stories from the streets of the music business. These are lessons that previously couldn't have been learned in a classroom or by reading a textbook because they didn’t exist. The music business was the Wild West and it still is. It is constantly evolving and changing, now more rapidly than ever with the incredible technology we have at our fingertips and new players entering the ring."

"What makes the music industry so fascinating is that there is no barrier to entry—anyone can play regardless of their education or background—but this is also what makes it chaotic and convoluted. We are in a pivotal moment in our industry. We can reshape our business to ensure fairness and profitability for all parties involved. It doesn’t have to be the creator versus the businessperson. The more you know—learning from the past, understanding the fundamentals of rights—the better equipped you will be be to protect your art and build a successful business. Your art is your business."

"I spent 19 years at SESAC cultivating and nurturing songwriters in the realms of music rights and publishing. I had no idea how important the knowledge of music rights would be when I was going in. The job allowed me the privilege of being in an objective seat where I could engage with all walks of the music community, across all genres and all around the globe. In my current role at Sound Royalties, I continue to support our creatives by providing them with financial insight and alternative options for funding their art so they can keep creating."

"Educating our community, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate and stay afloat in our ever-changing musical ecosystem, has always been the focus of my career trajectory. When I reflect on my path, I realize my role has been simply that of a guide or a connector; I hope to usher in a new generation of creators and executives that are well equipped with the fundamentals that are often overlooked."