Berklee NYC’s Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology program offers a forward-looking curriculum designed to teach students the tools and strategies needed to thrive in artistic fields that have seen significant disruption, and will continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace.

The core curriculum of this program provides students with foundational knowledge for their careers that address both the business and creative sides of the performing arts.

The live experience design specialization explores the design, management, and execution of live and virtual productions.

Program Details

A stage lit in blue lights

Our Approach

Innovation-Driven Perspective

Live staging, design, and production are ever-evolving. Live experiences ranging from corporate events and concerts to fashion shows and theatrical productions incorporate a multitude of multisensory and immersive elements, all of which require a high level of technical knowledge and creativity. Students will gain mastery in current methodologies as well as the skills they need to learn any future technologies.

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Our Courses

Industry-Leading Curriculum

This specialization offers courses that are current, competitive, and at the leading edge of the craft. Students will work with the industry-standard technological software and hardware with active professionals and pioneers of the field.

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Applying What You Learn

Experiential and Collaborative Workflow

Students in this program will have many opportunities to prototype and stage their projects on-site. This program emphasizes collaborative approaches, and students will leverage diverse ideas from fellow students, faculty, and visiting artists as they realize their artistic vision.

Who We Are Looking For

We seek a varied group of motivated, creative, and focused candidates with solid academic and professional backgrounds who can contribute a diversity of experience, insight, and skills that will benefit and elevate the program.

Ideal candidates want to:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the elements of modern staging, production, and curated experiences;
  • integrate collaborative models of ideation and execution into existing creative workflows;
  • develop their technical facility, creative voice, and artistic persona; and
  • influence the future of the industry and lead with bold creative voices as visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Ideal candidates should demonstrate:

  • current creative activity;
  • prior academic success;
  • an understanding of current trends and best practices in artistically driven live event technology; and
  • motivation and focus towards advancing their knowledge, artistry, and career.

Apply Now

  • Culminating Experience

    Students will ideate, develop, and complete a culminating experience or thesis project that is uniquely theirs.

  • Graduate Internship

    You have the option of spending a fourth semester completing an internship course.

  • Paying for your Degree

    All applicants are eligible for aid and merit-based scholarships. You can also earn money working as a graduate assistant.

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