Daniel Pembroke

Interim Director of Academic Technology and Program Director of Live Experience Design
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Daniel Pembroke is a highly skilled and multifaceted artist from Detroit, Michigan. He has made a significant impact in the electronic music industry as a techno producer and DJ, having played hundreds of festivals and clubs across the globe. Pembroke has built a reputation for his unique sound and live performances.

Pembroke is also a professor of computer programming for live experiences at BerkleeNYC and has distinguished himself as a unique generative audio reactive visual artist.

Pembroke's long global tenure in architectural design and engineering in corporate fields has aided his current artistic use of C4D, TouchDesigner, and Unreal Engine that serves as an example of his ability to leverage technology to push the boundaries of digital art, and his advocacy for it highlights his forward-thinking approach. He is an important figure in the Detroit arts and music community, contributing to its growth and success as a partner of the electronic music festival Charivari Detroit.

As a successful electronic music producer technologist and professor, Pembroke demonstrates how an individual can excel in multiple fields and how technology can be used to enhance artistic expression. He currently resides in New York City.

Career Highlights
  • Applied research and design with a global director client collaboration at Steelcase; multiple award winner for outstanding achievements and performance
  • Featured in Resident Advisor, 5 Magazine, Mixcloud, Detroit Free Press, and Metro Times
  • Performed with Juan Atkins, Moodymann, DJ Minx, Glenn Underground, Rick Wilhite, Eddie Fowlkes, and Blake Baxter
  • Proficient in drums and percussion, turntables, guitar, electronic synthesis with modular analog abd digital synthesizers, and drum machines
  • Certifications: MCR, LEED AP, NCDIQ, Ableton, Logic, and Dante Level 3
  • Scholarship: Berklee NYC World Tour
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    Berklee College of Music
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    Michigan State University
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    Business Administration/Management
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In Their Own Words

"My ultimate goal is for my students to come away from my classes with the ability to think creatively and strategically about design problems, and to be able to communicate their ideas effectively to a wide range of audiences. I also want them to be able to think about design in a broader sense and understand how it relates to other disciplines such as art, science, and technology. Furthermore, I want them to understand the ethical considerations that are inherent to the design process and the responsibilities that come with creating design solutions."

"As an electronic music artist, my professional background in music production and performance allows me to provide my students with a strong understanding of the technical aspects of creating electronic music, as well as the creative process behind it. I can also provide hands-on demonstrations and real-world examples from my own experiences in the industry."

"As a visual creator, I can offer my students a strong understanding of visual arts and design principles and techniques, as well as the tools and software used in the industry. I can also provide examples and critiques of my own work and the work of other professionals to help my students understand the creative process and how to develop their own visual style."

"As a professor, I bring my experience in the field of teaching and my knowledge of the subject matter to the classroom. I am able to provide clear explanations and practical examples to help students understand the material and its application in the real world. I can also use my experience to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that keep students interested and motivated."