Outside the Classroom

The Berklee NYC campus is itself an intersection of iconic New York City neighborhoods, nestled in Hell’s Kitchen and adjacent to the Broadway theater district. The building houses both Power Station, one of the most famous working studios in the U.S., and a vibrant laboratory for students to learn and create. When you are on campus, you will find yourself surrounded by people and places representing a multitude of backgrounds and experiences.

Your Peers

Graduate students come from all over the country and the world, bringing a wide range of perspectives to campus during this year-long program. Students are the center of campus life as they turn classrooms into studios and theaters into labs, drawing inspiration from their surroundings and new experiences and collaborating on innovative and creative projects with peers. 

It’s not just the facility and surroundings that inspire, nor the world-class faculty and visiting artists. BerkleeNYC surrounds you with talented musicians, creatives, and visionaries from all over the world. Your peers may be first-time master’s students or working on their second (or third) degree.


Your colleagues will come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, at similar or different points on their career trajectories and artistic journeys.

Because the programs share a common core that you will explore with the same group of students throughout your time in the program, collaboration is built in at Berklee NYC. You will collaborate frequently with students from other specializations, leveraging everyone’s strengths, synthesizing new perspectives, and developing new opportunities for innovation and creative expression.

Performance Opportunities

Performances add vibrancy to campus life, and there are many ways to be involved. Extracurricular activities, open mics, concerts, and other events offer additional possibilities for students to flourish. All students are offered the chance to perform at our weekly Friday concerts, which take place on campus in our state-of-the-art Black Box Theater. We've also fostered relationships with other neighborhood venues and expect that cosponsored events and performance opportunities for our students will take place in the near future.